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The Unknown Beloved

Title: The Unknown Beloved

Author: Amy Harmon

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Historical Fiction

The Unknown Beloved is the genre bending book you didn’t know you needed! Part historical fiction, part true crime, part love story and part magical realism. Each part is fully fleshed out leaving you to simultaneously enjoy the part of the story you’re in while having you crave more of the part you’re not. My gosh is this so well done!

“Just because it doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.”

This story starts with a bang and ten year old Dani tragically losing both of her parents. That was her first meeting with officer Michael Malone. Her second meeting is fifteen years later when Malone is summoned to Cleveland to investigate a series of murders (otherwise known as the serial killer “The Butcher”) that has everyone stumped, including famed prohibition agent Eliot Ness.

Now, at 25 and 40 there is an undeniable draw to each other for Dani and Michael. Dani is a very compassionate person and she might just have an extra “supernatural” ability to help Michael with his case.

“But perhaps your heart is too hard. The truth is, the harder we are, the easier we shatter. It takes some softness to absorbs life’s blows.”

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am not a true crime junkie, so I had never heard of this case before. I was so invested in this story. But I was equally invested in Michael and Dani. Dani’s extra magical abilities added to the story for me. I enjoyed reading about the depression era. It’s not an area I feel like I’ve read much. But I’ll read anything Amy writes. I also loved the way Dani cared for her Aunts in the story. Those Aunts were a hoot! I always think that’s the sign of a great author when even the secondary characters are just as good as the main characters!!

Amy, now I have a problem . . . Benny & Esther or Michael & Dani?? I need a tie breaker…better just write another book for us!

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