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The Wives - Book Review

📚 Pub Day 4/9 Book Review 📚

Title: The Wives

Author: Simone Gorrindo

Publisher: Scout Press

Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir

Thank you @scoutpressbooks @gallerybooks @simonandschuster for the #gifted copy of The Wives by Simone Gorrindo to read and review. When I saw this book as option for an advanced copy I thought I would be a great fit for it as an Army spouse. While that was absolutely true, it is so much more than just a memoir of military life.

This book spoke to my soul on a level I simply can not describe. I needed it like it was air I needed to breathe; I read it nonstop drinking in the pages . Besides a raw and intimate look of time as a military spouse of an elite unit that frequently deploys, it tackles relationships through both marriage and friendships. It’s about navigating people from different walks of life. It’s stresses, anxieties, hopes and dreams. It’s about feeling alone, but never being alone at all.

Despite being a nonfiction memoir, this has a feel of a fiction novel. I was deeply invested in Simone and “the wives”.

“I didn’t want to be a dependent, my presence in this world sponsored. But dependent I was. Already, my days revolved around waiting for him to call.”

Simone and her husband were both well into their 20’s, having graduated from college and beginning a life in New York City. But, her husband couldn’t shake the desire to serve his country and enlisted in an elite Army unit sending them to a complete opposite life in Columbus, GA. Simone feels lost and alone until she meets “the wives”.

💕Love story

💕Portrait of marriage

💕Intimate look at remarkable women


“How do you keep doing this?” I asked. “These parties?” Maggie asked. “The Deployments,” I said following her to a buffet table in the back. “Oh, that,” she said. “It mostly just has to do with not having any choice.”

I can’t recommend this book enough! All the stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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