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This Book Won't Burn - Book Review

🔥 Book Review 🔥

Title: This Book Won’t Burn

Author: Samira Ahmed

Publisher: Little Brown

Genre: Young Adult

Thank you @booksparks for the #gifted copy of This Book Won’t Burn by Samira Ahmed @sam_aye_ahm to read and review as my first book of #SRC2024 #GameSetRead Have you started your summer reading!?

“Some scars never ever go away. Some scars remind you that you let yourself get burned. Some scars remind you that pain is a constant companion.”

In light of so many states and communities removing books from schools & libraries, this book felt like such a timely read. I grew up in the 80s & 90s and don’t remember as many young adult options as there are today. What a great thing for kids today!

Senior Noor Khan is forced to finish the remainder of her senior year in a small town when her mother decides a move is what they need after her father abruptly abandons them in their home in Chicago. Noor plans to just cruise through to graduation, but on her very first day she is taken in by two students and together they begin pushing back when hundreds of books are being removed from their school library. Especially with the knowledge most of the books that are being removed are written by authors from marginalized groups like they are.

“When you see it, you can be it, and you’re denying us the right to see ourselves.”

What begins as a simple meeting during their lunch period, turns into so much more.

“I’m Noor. And I read banned books.”

Be aware that this book is full of “small town politics”.

“Books help us see ourselves but they’re supposed to challenge us, too, show us worlds and experiences that are different from our own. Books help us open doors. We’re here asking you not to slam those doors in our faces. Let us read.”

This one is out now! Be sure to check it out!

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