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True North - Book Tour + Review

Updated: Feb 13

📚 Book Tour + Review 📚

Title: True North

Author: Andrew J. Graff

Publisher: Ecco Books

Genre: Contemporary/Literary Fiction

Thank you to the publisher @eccobooks + @bibliolifestyle for the #gifted copy and having me on this book tour!

I absolutely devoured this book! I couldn’t get enough of the nostalgic feeling of the 90s small town setting. The author so brilliantly used the metaphor of river-rafting guides, rising raging waters and the need to yield to them just like you do in life. This book follows a couple and examines what happens a decade into marriage when you start to see some cracks. It also involves a small town that may be small, but is a very mighty community and is trying it’s best to fight a large company coming in to buy land for mining.

Summer of 1993 - Sam and Swami and their three children head north from Chicago to Wisconsin’s Northwoods to the small town of Thunderwater. You see, Sam, has always been sort of a dreamer and has been trying for years to get Swami to leap into a different lifestyle than their suburban one where he is an Art teacher. So, Swami compromises, they’ll buy into his uncle’s rafting business, Woodchuck, and he can have the summer of living in a camper and running the business. How bad could it be? After all, they first met as river guides.

Well, what’s waiting for them up north is not at all what Swami expected. Especially, when she learns of a secret Sam has been carrying. But, what IS up north is the best side cast of midwesterners you’ve ever met. Bravo to the author, again! At just under 300 pages this still felt fully fleshed out. It has an opening scene that will immediately hook you! You’ll be rooting for these characters and miss them when you’re done.

Book Summary ➡️

Also, I’ve seen this called HF and I still can’t wrap my head around the 90s being old! 😭🤯

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