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Unsinkable - Book Tour Review

📚 Book Tour + Review 📚

Title: Unsinkable

Author: Jenni L. Walsh

Publisher: Harper Muse

Genre: Historical Fiction

Thank the author @jennilwalsh + publisher @harpermuse for the #gifted ARC and having me on her launch team. When asked why I am on #bookstagram I always come back to community, my love for sharing books & reviews and celebrating authors! I also received a listening copy from @librofm and ended doing a tandem read/listen. I thought the narrators, Barrie Kreinik and Alana Kerr Collins really brought these characters to life! I’ve listened to Barrie Kreinik before and I’ve gotta say her accents are impressive for being an American!

Unsinkable is my favorite kind of story telling in HF— A dual timeline, dual POV, and strong women. Then to top it off each chapter ends almost on a mini cliffhanger to keep you saying “just one more chapter, just one more chapter”. If you’re a fan of Jenni’s previous book The Call of the Wrens, you’ll smile and love the little easter egg she put in this book!

You can call Violet Miss Unsinkable. She survived, the sinking of the Titanic as a stewardess and the Britannic as a wartime nurse for the Great War. She keeps going back to sea because she feels she must be the bread winner for her family since her father has passed away, her mother is ill, and she is the oldest of nine.

“My father told me a many great things, one of which is that it’s better to be a coward for a minute than dead the rest of your life. You’ve had your minute. I’ve had mine. Now shall we get on with it?”

Daphne has always felt unwanted. Her mother left her as a child and died in a tragedy. Her father is famous and busy in the film business and sent her away to boarding school where she learned a bunch of languages. Daphne decides to use these skills during WWII as a SOE to help the country of France where she lives and hopefully impress her father.

Full of heartbreak, heart racing moments, but ultimately hope; and all inspired by true stories. This is one not to be missed! Out now!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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