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What Became of Magic - Audiobook Review

Title: What Became of Magic

Author: Paige Crutcher

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffen

Genre: Cozy Witchy Fantasy/Magical Realism

Thank you to the publisher @stmartinspress for the finished copy + for the listening copy. I ended up listening to this one because Caitlin Kelly narrates it and ever since I listen to her narrate Adelaide she has become a favorite!

Whimsical. Witchy. Talking Ghosts. Book of Magic. Secret Town. But Cozy. If this is your version of spooky season, then this is the perfect book for you! Not sold? There is also a bookstore and many references to ‘Anne of Green Gables’!

This story opens up with our main character, Aline, at a disastrous middle school slumber party. From then on she chooses books, talking to ghosts, and coming to terms with her magic of finding missing keys and sending lost souls home. All is going well until the wrong person witnesses her using her magic and invites to a town, Matchstick, that doesn’t exist on a map.

Once Aline arrives to Matchstick in the second half of the book, this one kinda lost me a little. It was full of characters, riddles, and missions. It had a lot going on. It got confusing who they were saving and why. But I kept trucking a long with the audio because I was enjoying the storytelling. I definitely recommend that route.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨This book is comped to Practical Magic and I’m not sure that I agree. This book feels very YA. I would put it more inline with Rachel Griffen’s The Nature of Witches. Out today 9/26; just in time for your October TBR!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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