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What the Wind Knows

Title: What the Wind Knows

Author: Amy Harmon

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Historical Fiction +

Even though I’ve only read about half of author Amy Harmon’s 19 books (Yes, 19!) I like to consider myself a super fan. I just love her writing so much. It’s always so lyrical, a story filled with hope, strong characters and with a touch of romance. I think she’s cracked the code. The secret sauce. The razzle dazzle. But, here’s something crazy… Recently in our book club group we were talking about her books and which one was our favorite; And no one could come up with the same one! Different tastes? Sure. But really it’s because her books are just that good!

With that said, What the Wind Knows came up a lot as a favorite, so I knew I had to read that one next. I’m not really sure why I hadn’t read this one yet. I’m guessing it was the time travel element that I wasn’t quite sure about. I’ve grown a lot as a reader over the years and now an element like this isn’t something I shy away from, it’s something I want!

“Everything would be okay because wind already knows”

A very heartbroken Anne Gallagher travels to Ireland to spread her grandfather’s ashes. Out on a boat alone in the middle of a lake thinking of memories of the man who raised her that she adored, she is consumed by history she never knew and is pulled into another time. That time is 1921 Ireland teetering on the edge of war. Anna awakes to Dr. Thomas Smith taking care of her. He is the guardian to a very familiar boy. A very familiar boy.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a story of family. It’s a love story. It’s a story of the struggle of Ireland’s independence; one that I didn’t know a lot about. All of these elements seem so different, but the author weaved them together seamlessly into such a beautiful story. It had elements of a fairy tale feeling for me. I think that’s what makes the the time travel work so we’ll. I highly, highly recommend this one. It’s going on my favorites to reread shelf. Oh, but let’s be real . . . All of Amy’s books are on my favorites shelf! ❤️❤️❤️

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