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When We Had Wings

--Book Review--

Title: When We Had Wings

Authors: Ariel Lawhon

Kristina McMorris

Susan Meissner

Publisher: Harper Muse

Genre: Historical Fiction

When We Had Wings is a collaboration from powerhouse historical fiction authors Ariel Lawhon, Kristin McMorris and Susan Meissner. You can 100% tell this was a passion project for these three women to come together and share history about women that really hasn’t been told much until now. I love that so many authors are doing this!

Have you ever heard of the “Angels of Bataan”? The US Army nurses and Filipina nurses serving in Manila, Philippines that got caught in the middle the Japanese Imperial Army control and forced to serve in combat conditions? (I had only briefly heard about the “Angels of Bataan” because I had read Elise Hooper’s book ‘Angels of Pacific this past spring (another excellent book!).)

I won’t lie. This book is kind of rough to read at times and depressing. I really felt for these woman. I am so glad the authors choose to give the three woman: Penny, Eleanor and Lita such a special friendship. It also didn’t hurt that each of them had man they encountered to think about on the hard days. Four years as prisoners was an unbelievable feat.

“This was a dance of life, wasn’t it? she mused to herself. As the music changes, the steps change, and so then does the dancer. But the people we choose to dance with, well, they remain close to our beating hearts as we will hold them, don’t they?

Thank heaven they do…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️For ME personally this one read a little too non-fiction-y. But, lots of Historical Fiction fans are absolutely going to gobble this one up. Strong women, history you probably didn’t learn in your school textbooks, and wonderful writing from three fabulous authors. What more could you want!?

Thank you @harpermuse for sending me a copy to read and review.

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