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Wherever The Wind Takes Us

—Book Tour—

Title: Wherever the Wind Takes Us

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Author: Kelly Harms

Publisher: Lake Union

Book Tour: Lets Talk Books

Pub Date: October 18th

Thank you author Kelly Harms and @letstalkbookpromo for having me on this book tour and sending me a #gifted ARC.

The synopsis of this book leads you to believe this is a pretty cut and dry case of divorcee left with nothing finding herself after twenty-two years of marriage. But, just like the ocean Becca is about to go sailing on this story is anything but cut and dry. It hits you with wave after wave of drama. It also is a story of finding yourself and maybe a second chance at love too!

What I liked:

❤️ I enjoyed that the character was forty-two. Look, not all characters need to be in their twenties. And not everything needs to be figured out right away. I enjoy coming-of-age stories. I welcome later ones too!

❤️ Grant Murphy. Irish accent. Hey, what can I say!? I actually would’ve loved more of him in the story. I felt like the book found its stride when he entered the scene.

❤️ The adventure! Talk about some great scenery. Some readers will get bored of the sailing terms, but I loved it!

What I was meh on:

🤷‍♀️ I really didn’t love the daughter Olivia or Liv, but never Livvie!!! She got on my nerves, but to be fair her character was unfairly put in-between her parents and the divorce. All I’m saying is I have a twenty one year old daughter like Liv and I am also forty two and very good friends with my daughter and Liv is childish. But no divorce here or insane wealth.

🤷‍♀️ Some of the drama. Like the family history of the Larkin lawyers or Liv’s roommates kicking her out because her daddy’s money is tainted.

🤷‍♀️ The ending seemed rushed.

👍🏻 All in all I did enjoy this book and think readers who enjoy women’s fiction/chick lit will too. I recommend it for readers who enjoyed Trish Doller’s Float Plan.

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