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Would You Rather

—Book Review—

Title: Would You Rather

Author: Allison Ashley

Publisher: Mira

Genre: Contemporary/romance Fiction

Would You Rather is both friends to lovers and fake marriage of convenience and both tropes worked quite well. I also like when contemporary books have one cute quirky thing in them and Noah and Mia had wing night once a week after she had her kidney treatments. My husband and I love to had wings together and we joke that we are made for each other because I only like to eat the flats and he prefers the drumettes. I also like the way Mia and Noah pranked each other, especially Mia. My husband and I are always goofing off…maybe that’s why I liked this one so much!

Mia has been working at Noah’s family company as a secretary so she can have health insurance as she waits for a kidney transplant. But she finally has the opportunity to pursue her dream program going back to school. But she can’t do both. So, Noah proposes they get married so she has health insurance and she can go to school. So at this point, you may be thinking . . . yikes fraud . . . I don’t know about this. But you’ll see how absolutely smitten Noah is with Mia and how silly Mia is thinking she is a burden. It’s cute watching them figure things out!

“The thing we fear the most has the greatest reward.”

Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I really like this one. No complaints. I think if you like these tropes, you’ll like this one. Also this isn’t one dimensional character building with Mia and her health. Noah works through quite a lot of things with work expectations of being the bosses son and what he wants vs. pleasing his family.

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