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2 Mini Audiobook Reviews

This year I'm trying out a Canva graphic when I review audiobooks. Once I get a template that I'm happy with, it will be much easier than trying to photoshop covers all the time. I like what I came up with, so far, but I may still do a little tweaking. Now onto the review . . .

have two rom-com audiobook reviews coming your way today thanks to listening copies from ❤️

First up is The Getaway List by Emma Lord. Gosh, I’m a big fan of this author. This one had a couple themes going on. From a romantic standpoint it was a friends to lovers book. But, that almost felt like a side story. This was a more coming of age story for our main character, Riley, and quite frankly all of the quirky side cast of friends too! You see, Riley graduates High School and didn’t get into college, so she makes a rash decision to go visit her best friend from childhood, Tom, who moved away to NYC a long time ago. Despite their distance from VA and NYC they stayed close. What was supposed to only be a weekend trip, becomes an entire summer when she finds out her mother had been keeping her from seeing Tom for the past few years. Her mom had Riley very young and was fearful of her daughter growing up and history repeating itself. Overall, I really enjoyed this one and gave it 4.5 ⭐️

Next, I read Love, Naturally by Sophie Sullivan. I’m not sure if I’ve read this author before, but I was attracted to the premise of a nature romance. I didn’t let all the reviews of complaints of a insta-love deter me either. And you know what? I’m glad because I really enjoyed this one. And for me, maybe because the characters had chemistry and felt like they made sense, the insta-love didn’t bother me. Presley, is a city girl. Her boyfriend more outdoorsy. They are supposed to go on a camping anniversary trip, but he dumps her instead. She decides to take the time off anyway and go solo. Immediately upon arrival she is so far out of her element, but the Keller family who recently bought the lodge and is working out the kinks of this dream, couldn’t be more kind; including a flannel wearing Beckett. This had a found family feel. I enjoyed it and gave it 4 ⭐️

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