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2023 Favorite Mystery & Thrillers

😱📚2023 Mystery & Thriller Favorites 📚😱

This is a category I don’t read as much anymore. I used to love thrillers, then it felt like every single one was an unreliable female narrator with an alcohol problem.

Now I seem to gravitate to the occasional mystery, usually it falls under a subcategory; maybe YA or literary. Or thrillers that are more of the make you think and are puzzle like.

Here are a few I enjoyed last year!

😱The Family Game by Catherine Steadman - This is an older one, but talk about a crazy family drama, full of literal games, and twist & turns; does slightly go off the rails, but all in all a fun one!

😱All The Sinners Bleed - If S.A. Cosby writes it, I’m gonna read it. This one feels more police procedural, but full of deep pressing issues this author is known for that beg to be discussed!

😱No Of This Is True by Lisa Jewell - The title says it all! A podcast thriller that is a must read.

😱I Have Some Questions For You by Rebecca Makkai - I initially didn’t rate this one as high, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I changed my review. It’s narrated by Julia Whelan.

😱Warrior Girl Unearthed by Angeline Boulley - In the same family as Firekeeper’s Daughter, but not a sequel. Loved the audio.

😱Homecoming by Kate Morton - Such a smart literary mystery. When it all comes together it’s magic!

😱Gone Tonight by Sarah Pekkanen - Mother/Daughter psychological thriller

😱The Whispers by Ashley Audrain - Check the triggers on this.

😱Happiness Falls by Angie Kim - Literary Mystery that I’m ashamed that I haven’t reviewed #bookstareviewweek

😱The Leftover Woman by Jean Kwok - Another #bookstareviewweek coming! Eeek! Mystery family drama.

I hope you enjoyed all the books I shared today and this week. Did I go a little overboard? Probably. But it’s hard to narrow it down when you read 240 books. (Not a flex 🤣)

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