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A Love Song For Ricki Wilde - Book Review

📚 Book Review 📚

Title: A Love Song For Ricki Wilde

Author: Tia Williams

Publisher: Grand Central

Genre: HF/Romance/Magical

Oh boy, did this book make my heart sing, especially the characters! Did it feel like at times I wasn’t sure where it was going? Yes. Were there times this felt like a big pot of soup with maybe too many ingredients. Also, yes. But, I was wrong, oh so wrong. I honestly needed to stop questioning what was going on and why the author chose so many themes and just enjoy the beautiful writing, wonderful characters, magical feeling and history of Harlem.

Ricki Wilde has had family pressure on her since day one when she was given the name Richard Wilde Jr. after her father because everyone thought she was going to be a boy. Full of talent, but no desire to be apart of the families funeral home business that expands far and wide through the city of Atlanta she pursues her dream of opening a floral shop in Harlem when given the chance at a new beginning.

One February evening she catches a whiff of night-blooming jasmine in a garden in Harlem which is impossible because that flower doesn’t bloom in the winter! This sets a ripple effect of encounters with a man named Ezra.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Beautiful writing, a magical feeling, characters you want to root for, especially Ricki. I loved the bond she ended up having with her “grandmother” Della who set her up with the shop and apartment in Harlem. My other favorite part was when she needed to be creative, but her fancy flower arrangements didn’t sell she found unknown Harlem landmarks and put the bouquets there for someone to find via instagram. What a clever way to teach history and market! It was fun that this took place around a leap year since it is a leap year, this year. I definitely recommend giving this one a shot.

I won this in a @booksparks giveaway and am so grateful!!

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