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A Man Called Ove

—Backlist Book Review—

Title: A Man Called Ove

Author: Fredrik Backman

Publisher: Washington Square Press/Atria Books

Genre: Fiction

I have 2 questions:

1.) Am I the last person to read and review this 2012 gem!?

2.) Who has seen the movie version out in the theaters “A Man Called Otto” with Tom Hanks? Is it worth it? Cov1d made me a monster and I only like streaming my movies now! #sorrynotsorry 🙄😭

At first glance Ove seems like the grumpiest man you’ve even met, but I think really he’s just misunderstood and has been dealt a rough hand in life. He has firm beliefs and principles; a ridged routine. All of these things kind of give him a temper, but he likes to think it’s the other way around and the people around him are pushing his buttons and not very bright.

Ove lives a quiet life alone and is working on a plan when his entire life is turned upside down with new loud neighbors. They meet in a classic Ove way when they can’t back up a moving trailer and run over his mailbox. “Who doesn’t know how to drive a moving trailer!?” 🤣

Next comes:

🐈 A Cat

🚙 Driving Lessons

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A Community

👧 2 Neighbor girls that call Ove Grandpa

❤️ Love

“You’re the funniest thing she knows. That’s why she always draws you in color,” 🎨

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I love the way this way written in the past and present. Giving us a glimpse at Ove and his wife Sonja’s love story and the present moments in Ove’s life now. It’s no secret that I love grumpy characters. Why did it take a movie adaption for me to finally pick this one up off my shelf!? Not a perfect 5 (but close!) just based on gut feeling, a few slow spots and Ove’s age of 59 felt off. To me he should’ve been older, I think.

“all roads lead to something you were always predestined to do.”

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