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A Quiet Life

Author @joellawriting may just succeed in a rare feat and have both of his books in my top yearly picks!

Absolutely no sophomore slump going on here. Dare I say, A Quiet Life is even better!?

Ethan understands human relationships and how desperately we need them. I was engaged in these characters (3 from various stages of life kind of stuck and dealing with some difficult circumstances) from the beginning. When I wasn't reading I missed them and was in a hurry to get back to the book!

This book feels like a warm hug that you read on a cold winter day with a hot beverage.

“Be a Cardinal”

I’m not great at painting birds but couldn’t resist painting a cardinal to go with this one. I think Cat would be proud.

I’ll have a more complete review soon, but wanted to make sure this book was on people’s radar as it’s a @bookofthemonth add on. It also comes out TOMORROW 11/29.

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