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After I Do

—Book Review—

Title: After I Do

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid (TJR)

Publisher: Atria

Genre: Contemporary/Women’s Fiction

’ve been slowly working my way through all of of author Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books. So far, I’ve read: Daisy Jones, Evelyn Hugo, Malibu Rising, and One True Loves. When @basicbsguide and @dearmrhemingway picked After I Do for their January #dearbasicbuddyreads I jumped at the chance to scratch it off my list. Last night was our discussion and what a fun one it was!

Lauren and Ryan met in college and from the moment they did, they were inseparable. Things were always good. Until six years into their marriage they find themselves at a breaking point. Always fighting and resenting things about the other person. So, they decide to do something unconventional and take a year off from their marriage to see if they can fall in love again. They only have one rule . . . they can’t contact the other person. Say what!?!?!?

Lauren embarks on a journey of self discovery and honestly this was my favorite part of the book. We got to meet her family. I adored her sister who was her personal cheerleader and the grandmother. Though it confused me ***spoiler*** that the grandmother always thought she had cancer and it was almost a running joke with the family and then she ends up with it by the end of the book!?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 Lauren and Ryan are kind of immature. I don’t understand why they didn’t try therapy first. Even if they thought things were that bad how about personal therapy and then couples therapy!? I thought they both did some odd snooping on each other. Again, I loved Lauren’s sister and grandmother. They stole the show for me. Oh, and the dog, Thumper! I binged this book in two sittings and even though some of it bugged me the writing was still great.

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