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All We Were Promised - Audiobook Review

🎧 Audiobook Review 🎧

Title: All We Were Promised

Author: Ashton Lattimore

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Genre: Historical Fiction

Thank you @prhaudio for the #gifted listening copy of All We Were Promised by Ashton Lattimore to read and review. It’s narrated by Shayna Small who brought this story and rich characters to life! This is a slow burn story of slavery and abolitionist work in 1837 Philadelphia; I felt like the audio pushed along the story well.

Cast of Characters:

🧡 Charlotte/Carrie - A housemaid with a dangerous family secret!

🧡 Nell - A young wealthy abolitionist from volatile pre-Civil War Philadelphia

🧡 Evie - An enslaved girl trying to escape

“A beguiling story of friendship, deception, and women crossing boundaries in the name of freedom”

After Charlotte and her father escape from their plantation in the South and come to Philadelphia, the birthplace of American liberty, Charlotte assumed she’d have a life of freedom. Instead, she’s forced to be the housemaid for her father who is able to begin passing as white and grow his furniture business. They live a life in constant fear trying to hide their identities from slave catchers.

In an effort to live a life more than just as a housemaid, Charlotte befriends a wealthy abolitionist, Nell, and is soon in her fold going to literary events and rallies. The last thing she expected was his past to find her, but at the market one day she bumps into her a former enslaved friend from the South, Evie.

Desperate to escape, Charlotte and Nell conspire to help Evie do just that! As the city becomes under attack with race riots, will they be able to execute a plan in time!?

🧡 Coming of age

🧡 Friendships

🧡 Love

🧡 Found Family

🧡 Strong Women

🧡 History Lesson

🧡 Debut Author

I highly recommend this book! @bookfriendsbookclub keep an eye out for a future announcement on this one! 👀😉🙌🏻

Be sure to read/listen to the author’s note!! Out now! Was also a @bookofthemonth pick.

If you love author @sadeqasays (Sadeqa Johnson) I think you’ll love this one too!!

Might I suggest Librofm to listen to audiobooks? They help support independent bookstores just like bookshop . org (below)

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