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Book Lover's

Title: Book Lovers

Author: Emily Henry

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Here’s a book and an author you probably have heard absolutely nothing about before. Zero. Zilch. I kid! It seems there are two firm camps with this book. 5 stars Emily Henry did it again or the meh camp; The unpopular opinion don’t come at me crowd. Not much in-between. Some feel duped because they thought this was an enemies to lovers and clearly Nora and Charlie aren’t enemies. It’s hard to really even to describe their trope. Cliche. All the tropes. They don’t really fit in a box. So where did I fall!? . . .

5 stars BABY! I mean, it’s a book about books! It has witty banter; which is basically my love language in contemporary fiction. A vacation bucket list. Then the sister bond. That really sealed the deal for me. I have a sister that I’m close to, so I found this really relatable. Honestly, both characters willing to come to a town that wasn’t their favorite for family was something I could really get behind. I’m really a sucker for small towns anyway. How could you not love one called Sunshine Falls!?

If you haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, put this on your Summer TBR!

If you are an Emily Henry fan which is your favorite? This, Beach Read, or People We Meet On Vacation???

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