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Every Summer After

In honor of #meetmeatthelake that is coming out this Tuesday 5/2, I’m going to finally review ‘Every Summer After’. I wrote this review last year when I read this book shortly after it came out. Then I moved and got behind on posting; and didn’t want to post a summer book in the fall or winter. And, well, here we are… Title: Every Summer After Author: Carly Fortune Publisher: Berkley @berkleypub Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Are you headed to the beach or lake this summer? Before you do, add this one to your tote bag! This is THEE IT book of the summer. And for the record . . . Even if you are only headed to your back porch or couch, you need to this book too!

Summer nostalgia in book form. That’s what Every Summer After was to me.

Persephone (Percy) Fraser started coming to Barry’s Bay when she was thirteen. You know, thirteen, that awkward age where you can make or break friends at the drop of the hat. That’s exactly what happened to Percy. At her home in Toronto, some of the girls at her school decided to stop being friends with her, but at Barry’s Bay she met Sam and they were immediately smitten and best friends.

The book goes back and forth in a then and now format showing us a “coming of age” story of Percy and Sam from ages 13-18 as they become best friends and eventually more. The now timeline is of adults Percy and Sam back in Barry’s Bay for his mom’s funeral after not speaking for 6 years due to a falling out. Of course the whole book you want to know due to what!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 The only hiccup for me is the ending felt just a little too rushed. At just 300 pages this one need to be closer to 350 to fully flesh things out. I loved the then timeline because I’m a sucker for coming of age stories. This was tender, raw, real, nostalgic, emotional . . . and all that good stuff! This is the author’s debut and I’m excited to see what she writes next!

I will definitely be reading Meet Me At The Lake!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site! Thank you!

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