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—Book Review—

Title: Flight

Author: Lynn Steger Strong

Publisher: Mariner

Genre: Literary Fiction

Last night the @bookfriendsbookclub had the privilege to meet with author @lynnstegerstrong to discuss her latest novel Flight. When we finished the zoom call I walked away with an even deeper appreciation and love for this novel. I felt like I met someone with so much intelligence, zest & zealous; who was doing exactly what she was meant to be doing in life. That is sometimes a rare feat. Lynn, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Flight tells the story of grief, being who you are supposed to be - whether it’s a lawyer, artist, social worker or mom, and how a home maybe is isn’t a place, but the people you are with instead. It feels like it’s told in layers, but the author keeps it on point and allows the readers intelligence to shine and take a journey with these characters. Make no mistake these characters all have issues, but none are unlikeable and I think maybe you may even see yourself in some of them. This just feels so gritty and real.

So what’s it about? On December 22nd siblings Martin, Henry and baby sister Kate along with their spouses and kids meet in upstate New York to spend the holidays together. It’s the first Christmas since their mother, Helen, passed away. They need to set aside resentments in order to discuss what they are going to do with their mother’s house in Florida. The house they grew up in. They’re only inheritance. Sounds simple, but nothing is as simple as it sounds. Some of these siblings have kids and some don’t. Some have money and some don’t. And it seems when you have money it’s just property, to divvy up and when you don’t maybe it’s more and maybe it’s a home. And then the thing with money is like it or not…we all need it!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Literary Fiction and character driven novel lovers this book is for you! At only 230 pages it’s a fast powerful read. I was initially worried I would need a family tree of sorts, but I picked up on all the characters pretty quickly because they all had very different personalities. All boy did I fall in love with these characters! ❤️

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