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If A Poem Could Live and Breathe

Title: If a Poem Could Live and Breathe

Author: Mary Calvi

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Historical/Romance Fiction

I’ve always had a fascination with former Presidents; particularly the Roosevelt family. This book is all about Teddy Roosevelt’s First Love, Alice Lee.

Theodore was absolutely smitten with Alice from the very moment he met her while away at Harvard in 1878; and author, Mary Calvi, had me smitten with their story. Do you believe in soulmates? A love like this and a story like this will make your believe.

Alice Lee was a feminist and firecracker! She was funny and smart. This made for witty banter between her and Teddy and there is nothing I love more than ‘proper’ witty banter in these era of books! This book takes place in 1878 when Harvard is beginning to open up the college to women. Alice desperately wants to go, but her mother insists on finishing school and getting ready for the Debutante Ball. She is to get married. And that’s that.

Meanwhile, Theodore is a rising student at Harvard from a prominent New York family. Initially going to school for science and obsessed with taxidermy and other ‘odd’ things he changes course to political science to be worthy of Alice and have her family take notice.

The book is broken down into four parts and peppered with letters between the couple and journal entries from Mr. Roosevelt. It’s authentic in showcasing first love, heartache, loss, and overcoming the worst to achieve greatness.

For fans of historical fiction, history and regency romance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you @stmartinspress for the finished copy to read and review.

Purchasing from the link below supports independent book stores and my site!

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