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She's Up To No Good

—Book Review—

Title: She’s Up To No Good

Author: Sara Goodman Confino

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Women’s Fiction + HF timeline

Raise your hand if you love those spunky, eccentric and quirky characters in books! Those grumpy-sunshine full of wisdom characters. (Bonus if they are grandparents!) Boy, do I have the book for you…

Take a feel-good road trip to close out your summer to the Massachusetts coast in author Sara Goodman’s latest book She’s Up To No Good.

“I should have thrown the drink in his face. Let that be a lesson to you. You get so few opportunities in life to throw a drink. Take them.”

Thirty-four year old Jenna is expecting to buy a house with her husband, not an abrupt announcement that her he has been seeing someone else and is moving out. Jenna, a teacher, is on summer break and staying at her parent’s house bored dateless, and spending all her time having movie marathons with her dad. To shake things up, when she hears about her 90 year old grandmother going on a road trip from Maryland to Massachusetts she jumps at the chance. When he grandmother is involved, it’s always an adventure!

Very quickly on the trip Jenna realizes there is so much about her grandmother she doesn’t know when her grandmother shares the story about the love of her life Tony. But wait! Tony was not her grandfather; he a man her grandmother dated and couldn’t marry seventy years ago because he wasn’t Jewish.

When they finally arrive to their Air bnb, who is their host? No other then Tony’s great nephew, Joe. And, of course, he is handsome too!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Doesn’t this synopsis sound amazing!? The grandmother was an absolute hoot. The present timeline was sweet and charming. The historical timeline was deep and slightly heartbreaking, but history isn’t always pretty. Definitely pick up this second chance story full heart and humor. It is out today 8/1. Thank you to the author @ + @getredpr for sending me this pr box!

PS - Once you read the book you will understand the Sweet & Low packets and you will die laughing!

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