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Summer Mini-Reviews

Summer Mini Reviews

I’ve got several 4 ⭐️ books coming at you today as we approach Labor Day Weekend and close out Summer.

The Layover - This one was probably my favorite in the stack that I binged in nearly one sitting. This is a mistaken enemy to lovers trope and forced proximity when two flight attendants get stuck grounded in Belize for the weekend. Usually a book is binge-able for me if it has good characters and witty banter and that was exactly the case here!

From the Jump - After enjoying the Layover so much I of course had to jump into From the Jump. (pun intended) This one was a little slower for me because I didn’t realize it was much more about a group of friends and then a friends to lover trope. It also had a side story of the main female character sort of finding herself. All in all enjoyable, but a different sophomore book.

Dream On - Dream On is the sophomore book by Angie Hockman who wrote the popular book Shipped that I loved. Once again this book was way different the first. And gosh I’m sure authors hate that we compare their books so much or have the same expectations. The premise of this book in the main character wakes up from a coma and thinks she has a boyfriend that most definitly she does not. Only later on in the new town where her new job is she meets a guy by the same name so figures it must be meant to be. But hold on before she meets him she has a “meet cute” with his brother and then the book sort of has a love triangle between the dream brother she’s with and the other brother maybe who is a better fit and who she really wants to be with. The main character also has some personal growth throughout the book figuring out who she really wants to be and that side story was enjoyable. This book made me want to watch While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock.

How To Fake It In Hollywood - I’m not usually into celebrity romance books, but this one was all over booksta so I figured why not!? And this one actually ended up being a little deeper dealing with addiction and death and guilt and trauma over the event of it. Both of these character were really well developed and I was along for the witty banter and fake dating trope ride.

The Beach Trap - This is another one was over booksta since it was co written by a bookstagrammer. It was blurbed as a parent trap in reverse and that totally fits. This one probably skirts women’s fiction and focuses a little on the two sisters mostly; with mild romances for both of them on the back burner. All in all an enjoyable summer read that I plowed through.

The Summer of Broken Rules - This is a YA book that screams Summer! The location on Martha’s Vineyard is perfection. The Fox family has gathered for a wedding, but Meredith is still finding her footing after losing her sister a little over a year ago. This family is so fun! They play a game called Assassin. Meredith’s sister, Claire, always won, so she is determined to to do the same; if only a certain groomsmen would stop distracting her… This has a coming-of-age vibe…my favorite!

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