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Thank You For Listening

📚—Pub Day Book Review— 📚

Title: Thank You For Listening

Author: Julia Whelan

Publisher: Avon Books

Genre: Contemporary

Ok, so we all know Julia Whelan as gifted audiobook narrator extraordinaire. She’s the #goat. But I actually first fell in love with her from her book ‘The Oxford Year’. I was late to the audiobook game. I know most are going to go the audiobook route because Julia narrates it herself, but I read this one through @netgalley and really enjoyed that experience too. This is like a love letter to her fans. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher @avon for the #gifted eARC.

Thank You For Listening is an uplifting second chance novel of sorts about a former actress who turned to book narration when a tragic accident forced her to leave acting. It’s a journey of self discovery, love and most of all acceptance of yourself.

Sewanee Chester started her book narration career at the bottom doing romance novels. But once she advance beyond them she was done. After all, she doesn’t believe in HEA; How could she when all her dreams of acting were cut short! However, when she finds herself needing money to support her beloved grandmother, she is personally requested for a project with heartthrob narrator Brock McKnight and can’t say no.

Along the way these two start connecting because of the project, but find themselves connecting outside of the project too. They both may be working through similar issues and maybe aren’t so alone in how they are feeling.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The supporting cast steals the show. You guys know I love a sassy grandmother. I’m also a big fan of the grumpy sunshine trope. The negatives for me were the main characters name. I just could not say it correctly and my brain kept pronouncing it Shawnee! Also the book was a tad on the long side for its genre. Pick up a copy today, Pub Day 8/2

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