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The Goddess of Warsaw - Book Review

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Title: The Goddess of Warsaw

Author: Lisa Barr

Publisher: Harper

Genre: Historical Fiction

Thank you @bibliolifestyle + the publisher @harperperennial for the #gifted copy to share. This book had my undivided attention from the very first page until I closed the book. It had me in a chokehold. I had to know what was going to happen. Truly, all the elements for a great book with its a compelling story and characters you’ll fall in love with and root for. I believe that the author poured her heart and soul into this book! This is not just another WWII HF book. In a saturated market, this one stands out!

“Why does anyone help? Because he’s on the wrong side and knows right from wrong.”

Actress Lena Browning wasn’t always Lena Browning. She used to be Bina Blonski, a wealthy Polish Jew imprisoned in the Warsaw ghetto. Because of her good looks, being blond Aryan-looking and a fierce determination, Bina, became a spy + assassin fighting back, stealing information and weapons outside of the ghetto. She was brave and a quite frankly a bad-ass, but it came with so many sacrifices, including love.

After escaping the horrors of war, Lena becomes a famous actress in Hollywood. That should be enough, but she can never escape wanting revenge against the Nazi’s…


▪️A Historic uprising

▪️Secrets, Lies & Twists

▪️Great Synagogue of Warsaw

▪️Operation Paperclip

▪️Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 The ending felt a little cinematic for me, and neat + tidy. Regardless, this book is amazing. I highly, highly, recommend it. Out Now!

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