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Adelaide - Audiobook Review

Title: Adelaide

Author: Genevieve Wheeler

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

@stmartinspress Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Say Hello to my favorite book of the month, so far. The one I was listening to and found it so compelling that I simply couldn’t stop. So many chores and garden weeding got done that day. Before I knew it, I had listened all day and my husband had come home from work. I literally told him “don’t talk to me…I only have a hour left of my audiobook!” 😆 Thank you @librofm for the copy. Caitlin Kelly’s narration was fantastic and I highly recommend going that route.

Let me start by saying that some readers are going to need to tread lightly with this story because it does deal with talks of suicide, attempting suicide, depression, and mental illness. The author does a fantastic job with these very real issues, but someone just making them feel light and normal…quite simply the way life is messy. We all have our stuff. I believe the author is a fresh voice in the contemporary genre.

Adelaide is a twenty-six year old American living in London. She meets a guy named Rory and because of so many unique moments and happenstance truly believes he is the ‘The One’. She falls deeply and madly in and love and assumes the same for Rory. When tragedy hits Rory’s life, Adelaide does everything for him, losing herself in the process. Is it ok to lose bits and pieces of ourselves for love? Is that really love?

One thing that makes this story extra special is the friends that Adelaide has, always right by her side!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 This was so close to a five star read for me, but I found the ending a little too neat and tidy. Maybe I’m too critical of a reader, but for me it just felt out of place. On the other hand Adelaide certainly deserved it. I highly, highly recommend this book! It’s out tomorrow 4/18. But it’s been floating around a little thanks to being picked up by @bookofthemonth Well deserved!

Purchasing from the link below supports independent bookstores and my site!

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