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All The Lonely People

“Life is waiting. But Hubert Bird has to open his door and let it in.”

📚Book Review📚

Title: All The Lonely People

Author: Mike Gayle

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Genre: Fiction

Like people, if you believe characters can worm their way into your heart, then my gosh is the book All The Lonely People for you. I loved the main character Hubert Bird so much. This book was equal parts characters driven and full of thought provoking sentiments. It’s one I won’t forget for a long time!

This book is a dual timeline divided into the past and how Jamaican born Hubert comes to the London area for work and a better life. There he meets the love of his life a white woman, Joyce, and they go on to have two beautiful children and a beautiful life; despite the nay-sayers during a racial divide of the 1950s.

The present timeline is the bulk of the story where widowed Hubert has become a recluse. He spins stories to his daughter about friends during her weekly calls from Australia, so that she won’t worry about him. When she tells him she’s coming for a visit, instead of fessing up he decides to find friends. That’s only because he has a new neighbor who won’t take no for an answer and nudges him along the way.

Author, Mike Gayle, weaves these two timelines beautifully into a story full of warmth and humor, that will give you all the feels.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This story will give you hope and make you not feel so alone in this big wide world. I loved it so very much. It’s definitely in my top list for the year!

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