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Always, In December

📚 Book Review 📚

Title: Always, in December

Author: Emily Stone

Publisher: Ballantine/Dell/Random House

Genre: Women’s Fiction

I know we all value honest reviews and opinions so here is my hot take: Always, in December is not a romantic holiday tale. I repeat . . . this is not a romatic holiday tale!!! While it starts that way, the middle gets a little slow and disjointed and really doesn’t have the serendipitous vibe that it’s billed as. Then the big reveal the author choose . . . No, no, no, no. Proceed with caution if you think this is a fun light cheerful holiday read! That’s all I’m saying! It’s by no means a bad read; I think it just may not be what people are anticipating.

Always, in December begins right before Christmas with Josie being heartbroken that her boyfriend was cheating on her and that she will be spending the holidays alone. On her way out to run some last minute errands, she crashes her bike right into Max. Literally. Max’s flight home to New York has been cancelled so the two of them spend a few magical days together doing festive things. Then Max just sneaks out of Josie’s bedroom and leaves. And that’s that.

But then they run into each other at an Art opening in New York. At a wedding in Edinburgh. And you can’t deny the sparks. Josie doesn’t want to like Max, but he is her biggest cheerleader supporting her new photography adventure. And Max doesn’t want to like Josie because it’s easier to hide behind his ex-girlfriend where things feel familiar.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Listen, I don’t mind a sad tale, but poor Josie couldn’t catch a break. She lost her parents when she was eight, had her boyfriend cheating on her, was lost in her career, and then Max. I did enjoy her bond with her grandparents and the game they played challenging each other with a movie quote at the end of each phone call. Super sweet.

This one is out today 10/12. Thank you @netgalley + the publisher for honoring my request to read and review this title.

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