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April Wrap Up

Here are some of the books I read in April. Better late, than never!!! And yes, that is my dog Fozzie, dressed as a taco. I took this picture on Cinco de Mayo. We like to have way too much fun!

💫 Five Star Books 💫


▪️We Begin At The End

▪️ One-Sentence Journal

💫 Four and 1/2 Star Books 💫

▪️ The Things We Do For Love

▪️ People We Meet On Vacation

▪️ You Belong Here Now

▪️ Act Your Age, Eve Brown

▪️ The Secret Stealers

💫 Four Star Books 💫

▪️ The Girl With Stars in Her Eyes 📱

▪️ The Last Thing He Told Me 📱

💫 Three and 1/2 Star Books 💫

▪️ The Paris Orphan

▪️ The Perfect Daughter 📱

💫 Three Stars 💫

▪️ Libertie

I also read a good chunk of The Women of Chateau Lafayette.

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