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Book Club Book Review - The Outlaw Noble Salt by Amy Harmon

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Title: The Outlaw Noble Salt

Author: Amy Harmon

Publisher: Lake Union

available on kindle unlimited!

Genre: Historical Fiction “What if”

Let me tell you about last night . . .

@bookfriendsbookclub had the honor and privilege to spend 2 HOURS with the author of The Outlaw Noble Salt, which is her TWENTIETH book! To spend time with her brilliant mind and heart was absolute PURE JOY! BOOK NERD NIRVANA!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love books with a reimagined plot. A what if. They take so much creativity all while sticking to the true facts that are available. What is the man and what is the myth.

If you try to call The Outlaw Noble Salt a ‘western romance’ I’m going to bop you on the head. Kidding. Kind of. At its core this book is all about redemption. It has strong themes of second chances, the choices we make, family, good vs. evil, a sinner vs. a saint, and believing you are worthy. Aren’t we all worthy of goodness, love and a second chance? I loved the found family in this too.

Much like this beautiful cover, Amy’s books always feel like a beautiful sunset. Like the skies, there is always so much beauty in her words; but then like a sunset, no two books are a like. The Outlaw Noble Salt takes on the infamous Butch Cassidy during the later years in his life. It gives him a redemption arc when he meets a famous opera singer, Jane Touissant and her adorable son Gus. It explores two characters that feel damaged in very different ways coming together and teaching each other they are worthy!

Every single character in this book is rich, complex and is going to grab your attention. I always think the best authors can not only write incredible main characters, but secondary ones too.

Redemption. Beauty. Tenderness. I highly, highly recommend this story! And maybe you’ll fall in love with an outlaw. That’s just the kind of word ninja Amy is!

PS- This was not the picture I had in my head to share this book review, but my ‘outlaw’ dog insisted! 🤣

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