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Christmas in Peachtree Bluff


Title: Christmas in Peachtree Bluff

Author: Kristy Woodson Harvey

Publisher: Gallery Books

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Did you hear the news last week that this series is coming to your tv screen via NBC!? How exciting is that!!! What I love about this series is the strong characters so I think this one is going to translate well to the big screen. I don’t want to play the comparison game, but I’m thinking something like Sweet Magnolias on Netflix!

But moving on… Can I be in the Murphy family!? Pretty please!? Ugh I just love those woman so much! The woman come together in this book when the “storm of the century” heads towards Peachtree Bluff and Vivi, Ansley and Jack are stuck behind due Vivi’s reckless teen behavior. (Though, honestly Vivi deserves a pass because she was just told a juicy secret!!!)

With the bridges closed and no access to Peachtree Bluff by land or air they set sail on Caroline’s boat the, Starlite Sister’s, determined to rebuild the town just in time for Christmas!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Classic southern charm. Christmas magic. I ended up listening to a little bit of this on audio around this busy season and it was really well done.

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