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Daughters of Victory

—Book Tour Review— Title: Daughters of Victory Author: Gabriella Saab Publisher: William Morrow @williammorrowbooks Genre: Historical Fiction Thank you, partner @bibliolifestyle + the publisher @williammorrow for having me on this book tour. #gifted There is historical fiction. Then there is HISTORICAL FICTION. WOW! I love this author’s previous novel, The Last Checkmate and there is absolutely no sophomore slump here. This has got to be one of the most well researched novels I have read in a long time. In truth, my knowledge of the some of the subjects of this novel were limited. And I 100% love when HF teaches you, sends you down the google rabbit hole and stretches your mind. For fans of Kate Quinn, for sure.

💫 Dual Timeline

💫 Dual POV

Russia, 1917: Aristocrat Svetlana defies her family and joins a revolution promising freedom, working with her Uncle. Getting caught up in the mission Svetlana is imprisoned for some time, but eventually released; only to find her socialist party now vying for power against dictatorial Bolsheviks and her Uncle murdered by Orlova, a mysterious assassin. Orlova likes to blind her victims before she kills them. This doesn’t sit well with Svetlana and she makes it her sole mission to avenge her Uncle’s death. Oh, and she also has a daughter she gave away she hopes to see again…

USSR, 1941: Svetlana opens up her home to a granddaughter, Mila, that she has never met before. She hopes to protect Mila from the oncoming Nazi invasion, but when she Nazi occupy the village, Svetlana sees glimmers of herself in Mila. Dangerous secrets begin to come out and Svetlana must confront her long buried past…

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 Excellent writing, impeccable research, historical, thrilling. I really enjoyed this story. This book is nearly 500 pages but is one that doesn’t feel like it. Even the slower parts feel like they mirror how war and cold Moscow would’ve been. Be sure to read the author’s note to see how and where she came across this story and the truth to it!

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