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Stay Awake

Title: Stay Awake

Author: Megan Goldin

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Thriller

Stay Awake was a highly anticipated thriller for me involving an amnesia trope. Did it live up to my expectations!? Sort of. I mean, it was thrilling and entertaining, but it also felt repetitive and kind felt strange. The main character was just so lax about her memory loss.

So I don’t read as many thriller as I used to because I’m just over the use of unreliable narrator, but I think it kind of worked in this one. However, I do believe you have to suspend belief a little bit. We read this for @bookfriendsbookclub and one thing we brought up was “ok she wakes up everyday with Stay Awake on her hands and knows something isn’t right . . . why doesn’t she just use google to figure out what’s going on!?”

I’m going to leave it at that because it’s just impossible to review a thriller without giving too much away!

Rating: 3.5 to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hard to say, I loved that this one had short chapters and was a dual perspective/timeline. On the downside at times the writing was choppy and the ending was too neat. I think even if you don’t read a lot of thrillers you might figure this one out!

Recommend me some thrillers for spooky season!

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