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The School For German Brides

—Book Tour + Review—

Title: The School For German Brides

Author: Aimie K. Runyan

Publisher: William & Morrow

Genre: Historical Fiction + Coming of Age (IMO)

Thank you @bibliolifestyle plus the author @aimiekrunyan and publisher @williammorrowbooks for having me on this Book Tour!

You guys! I thought I was only going to be able to feature this book, not review it since it only arrived a couple days ago, but guess what!? I literally read it in ONE SITTING. It was that good! I absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend ‘The School For German Brides’ for fans of historical fiction, coming of age stories and themes of strong friendships.

Have you even heard of German Bride schools? I hadn’t. While it wasn’t an unusual concept for a young 17-18 year old girl to be expected to marry, some came from social statuses that left them unwillingly matched with SS officers. This became Hanna’s world after her mother died and she left the countryside and was sent to Berlin to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Navigating a life she never expected luckily she had friend Klara right by her side; That is when they weren’t having a few scuffles like teenage girls tend to do. Also intertwined in the story is seamstress Tilde who is a young German Jewish woman who was always fearing people will find out her identity.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I loved this book so much! It felt like a coming of age story with themes of strong friendships along the backdrop of the start of Hilter’s regime and invasion. I hadn’t really heard much about German Bride schools and I love when I learn something from historical fiction. Told from alternating POV of Hanna and Tilde. I absolutely love this style of writing. Out now! Pub Day 4/26. Pick up a copy today!!!

CW: Rape. About a 1/2 of page. Then 2 more brief mentions.

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