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The Secret Stealers

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Title: The Secret Stealers

Author: Jane Healey

Publisher: Lake Union

Genre: Historical Fiction

✅ Bad Ass Females

✅ Strong Female Friendships

✅ Confident Woman

✅ History

✅ Romance

✅ Fast Page Turning Suspense

✅ And Julia Child makes an appearance!

Anna is a restless young widow and brilliant French teacher in Washington, DC. Her parent’s want her to come home to New England and grieve, but Anna decides to take a different approach and joins the Office of Strategic Services that she is recruited for by family friend, legendary WWI hero, Major General William Donovan.

Donovan has immense faith in Anna and all the women on his team. Anna quickly fits in and forms fast friendships. However, Anna wants more. Anna longs to be stationed abroad. She would love to go back to Paris where she left part of her heart during time studying abroad. As the war heats up further, she gets her opportunity to go undercover as a spy in the French Resistance to help steal critical intelligence.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 I loved this book! This is one of those books that has a little bit of everything: History, friendships, love, and heart pounding suspense that will have you turning the pages at warp speed. For the historical fiction fans for sure; But I think this would also be the perfect read for anyone looking to try this genre!

I was able to participate in a zoom Q&A with author, Jane Healey with my book club. She did a wonderful presentation for us on some of her research. One of my favorite things in books is when the author includes notes in the end on what was fact vs. fiction and research. I'm going to attach some screenshots from the presentation.

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